Meet the Araneae (Spiders)

The Order Araneae or Spiders…

…has several species represented in the Widlife Garden, spread over a handful of Families as shown below.

There are nearly 700 species of spider (Araneae) in Great Britain and as we all know they have 4 pairs of legs instead of the 3 pairs found on insects. Other differences include a body comprising of two parts and the lack of metamorphosis. The young appear as whole, if smaller, versions of the adults straight from the egg. There is no larval stage from which a metamorphosis process is required. Spiders simply grow and mature sexually.

Eratigena duellica – The Giant House Spider – Family Agelenidae
Either Amaurobius similis OR Amaurobius fenestralis – This is one of two almost identical species belonging to the Amaurobius Family.
Amaurobius ferox – A Lace Weaver – Family Amaurobius
Araniella cucurbitina – A Cucumber Spider – Family Araneidae
Araniella apisthographa – A Cucumber Spider – Family Araneidae
Araniella diadematus – Garden Spider – Family Araneidae
Zygiella x-notata – Family Araneidae

Nigma puella

Nigma puella – Family Dictynidae
Dysdera crocata – Woodlouse Spider – Family Dictynidae
Pardose amentata – Spotted Wolf Spider – Family Lycosidae

Pisaura mirabilis

Pisaura mirabilis – Nursery Web Spider – Family Pisauridae

Philodromus dispar

Philodromus dispar The Running Spider – Family Philodromidae
Salticus scenicus – Zebra Spider – Family Salticidae
Enoplognatha spp – A Comb-footed Spider – Family Theridiidae
Misumena vatia – Flower Crab Spider – Family Thomisidae