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Candle-snuff Fungus and Soil Condition

The sad truth is fungi are under recorded in the garden, in no small part because of past gardening practices. The garden was dug over twice in ten years which isn’t great for fungi as it can destroy their hyphal networks. Fungi can be difficult to identify further adding to a lack of confirmed species on the Garden species list. This we demonstrated recently when we tried to identify a rather drab brown mushroom foundContinue reading “Candle-snuff Fungus and Soil Condition”

Now how did that happen?

On the 19th June 2022 we came across something we couldn’t really explain, but have just found a possible (if unlikely) answer to. Dangling from a bramble stem, by a single thread of silk (around 15cm long), we found a dead black ant and three green aphids, also dead. How they all ended up in this predicament we were unsure. We do appreciate the quality of the video is not great, it was a tadContinue reading “Now how did that happen?”

500th Species

A bit of a milestone for Wildlifegarden.org was reached today. We have listed the 500th species recorded in the Garden. There were actually a few species we could have chosen from but we settled on a bit of a mystery. The honour we decided would go to a beetle, and why not, after all the Order to which they belong is the largest in the animal kingdom, the Coleoptera. The species itself? The Hazel-leaf RollerContinue reading “500th Species”

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From under the Hazel 22nd May 2022