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More highlights from 2022

What we enjoy about wildlife gardening is that even in a small area, there is an incredible amount to observe. You really don’t need to drive to the countryside to get your wildlife fix, although its not a bad idea to get out and about. For example in just 18 months we have uploaded over 100 video shorts and clips to our YouTube channel for the sole purposes of sharing on this site. We could…

Lasius niger – Regicide

Back in July this year we recorded the video below. It shows a Lasius niger worker ant using its considerable strength to move the dead body of a fellow ant. This is likely a behaviour known as ‘Necrophoresis’, where dead individuals are removed from the nest for sanitation reasons, a behaviour often seen in certain Hymenoptera (Wasps, Ants and Bees). Like many we were aware that ants possess incredible strength and also vaguely aware that…

The Nosey Ninja’s

We never really thought about a favourite garden species before! However, it’s December, and that means a Christmas Break and some time to tidy up/organise all the thousands of photographs and videos taken throughout 2022. It was whilst doing this we came across a little video which we had totally forgot about (link below), featuring perhaps our all-time favourite garden species the Zebra Spiders, or as we call them Nosey Ninja’s. We have touched on…

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From under the Hazel 22nd May 2022