Ready to Bloom!

Thought we’d share the following. The meadow area (we used to call it the lawn) just about ready to bloom.

Ready to bloom 18th May 2023

Amazing warm sunshine today, with lots buzzing about. Our first recorded Odonata of the year visited in the form of the Azure Blue and the Large Red Damselfly, neither new to the garden but always nice to see them appear during the spring.

Large Red Damselfly 18th May 2023

Two new species of spider and a new true bug were recorded today as well. We will put an update in the May calendar entry in a couple of weeks. But we will finish on an old friend, the Rose Chafer, shown here today munching on it’s beloved California Lilac.

Rose Chafer: 18th May 2023

DC: 18/05/2023

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