New species for 2023 already/April Calendar entry

We’ve had a number of new species recorded in the garden so far this year. We ended 2023 with 524 species recorded in the Garden, by the end of April this tally had increased to 536 and seeing as we haven’t posted in a while we thought we’d share what’s new in the Garden.

Tetragnatha montana. This one has been marked as a most likely species, as there are several others that look similar. However we are reasonably confident with it’s identification. Click here.

Common Springtail-stalker – Notiophilus biguttatus. Click here for more information

Dasysyrphus albostriatus. Yet another hoverfly added to our list, click here for more details. 

Fabricius Nomad Bee – Nomada fabriciana. Click here for more info

Ribwort Plantain – Plantago lanceolata. Click here for more info.

Lesser Celandine – Ficaria verna 

Pendulous sedge – Carex pendula 

Unfortunately some species just don’t hang about to pose for photos, such as the Long-tailed Tit – Aegithalos caudatus, Pied Wagtail – Motacilla alba and House Mouse – Mus musculus, all of which were added to the species list during April. However the House Mouse, as shown in our April Calendar update was kind enough to allow itself to be film, see April – And it rained some more…

DC: 15/05/2023

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