Meet the Molluscs

Class: Gastropoda

To date all animals of the phylum Mollusca (the molluscs) belong to the same Order Stylommatophora, spread over several families that cover the slugs and snails found in the garden

Deroceras agreste

Deroceras agreste – Field Slug – Family: Agiolmacidae

Arion ater

Arion ater – The Black Slug (Red form) – Family: Arionidae
Arion hortensis – Garden Slug – Family: Arionidae

Ambigolimax spp

Ambigolimax spp – Three Band Slug – Family: Limacidae
Physa spp – Family: Physidae

Aegopinella nitidula

Aegopinella nitidula – A Glass Snail – Family: Gastrodontidae

Cepaea hortensis

Cepaea hortensis – White-lipped Snail – Family: Helicidae

Cepaea nemoralis

Cepaea nemoralis – Brown-lipped Snail – Family: Helicidae

Cornu aspersum

Cornu aspersum – Garden Snail – Family: Helicidae

Hygromia cinctella

Hygromia cinctella – Girdled Snail – Family: Hygromiidae

Monacha cantiana

Monacha cantiana – Kentish Snail – Family: Hygromiidae