Meet the Malacostraca

Woodlice & Water Slaters

Order: Isopoda

The Malacostraca is one of a handful of Classes that make up the Crustaceans. The Malaostraca itself includes many Orders, most of which are marine animals, but also includes the Order Isopoda which includes the terrestrial Woodlice and fresh water Water Slaters.

In the UK there are around 40 species of woodlice and water slaters. It is almost never heard of to have both of the two species of water slater found in the UK, so by having one (the common Water Slater) it is unlikely we will ever see the other.

Armadillidium vulgare

Armadillidium vulgare – Pill Woodlouse – Family: Armadillidiidae

Asellus aquaticus

Asellus aquaticus – Common Water Slater – Family: Asellidae

Oniscus asellus

Oniscus asellus – Common Woodlouse – Family: Oniscidae
Philoscia muscorum – Common Striped Woodlouse – Family: Philosciidae

Porcellio scaber

Porcellio scaber – Rough Woodlouse – Family: Porcelionidae
Trichoniscoides sarsiFamily: Trichoniscidae