Common Striped Woodlouse – Philoscia muscorum

A bit of a small woodlouse, and ideally needs to be viewed under magnification. Identification based on our interpretation of the woodlouse key (see reference page, source number 5. located HERE).

This fella was about 7-8mm in length, apparently they can grow to 11mm.

The flagellum is an important feature when attempting to identify woodlouse species. Below shows the underside of our specimen with a 3 segmented flagellum (right below). On the left below showing the underside, which we THINK shows no signs of lungs (see refence 5. link above).

Two more easily noted characteristics are the small yellow mark at the back of the head and a dark stripe running the length of the body as show below.

This fella was found in the rotting vegetation poking out from the base of the compost bin and viewed under a microscope.

DC 04/02/2022