Meet the Diptera

There are around 7000 species of Diptera in Great Britain and we know their diversity in the garden is currently massively under recorded. Identifying many of the species is difficult, as indeed is obtaining a clear photograph of them.

As flies in the garden go, the hoverflies are perhaps the most comprehensively recorded family(Syrphidae), due in part to our own growing interest in this family.

Bombylius major

Bombylius major – Large Bee-fly – Family: Bombyliidae

Calliphora vomitoria

Calliphora vomitoria – Bluebottle – Family: Calliphoridae

Lucilia caesar

Lucilia caesar – Greenbottle – Family: Calliphoridae

Chironomus luridus

Chironomus luridus – Family: Chironomidae
Sicus ferrugineus – Thick Headed Fly – Family: Conopidae

Poecilbothrus nobilitatus

Poecilbothrus nobilitatus – Semephore Fly – Family: Dolichopodidae

Drosophilinae spp

Drosophilinae spp – Family: Drosophilidae

Minettia fasciata

Minettia fasciata (Species Group) – Family: Lauxaniidae

Pericoma spp

Pericoma spp – Family: Psychodidae

Chrysopilus asiliformis

Chrysopilus asiliformis – Little Snipefly – Family: Rhagionidae

Sarcophaga carnaria

Sarcophaga carnaria – Flesh Fly – Family: Sarcophagidae

S. stercoraria

Scathophaga stercoraria – Yellow Dung Fly – Family: Sarcophagidae

Sepsis spp

Sepsis spp – A Black Scavenger Fly – Family: Sepsidae

Sepsis spp

Sepsis spp – A Black Scavenger Fly – Family: Sepsidae

Chloromyia formose

Chloromyia formose – Broad Centurian – Family: Stratiomyidae
Chrysotoxum cautum – Family: Syrphidae
Chrysotoxum festivum – Family: Syrphidae
Episyrphus balteatus – Marmalade Hoverfly – Family: Syrphidae

Eristalis pertinax

Eristalis pertinax – Family: Syrphidae

Eristalis tenax

Eristalis tenax – Family: Syriphidae

Eupeodes corollae

Eupeodes corollae – Migrant Hoverfly – Family: Syriphidae

Eupeodes luniger

Eupeodes luniger – Family: Syriphidae

Helophilus pendulus

Helophilus pendulus – Sun Fly – Family: Syriphidae

Meliscaeva auricollis

Meliscaeva auricollis – Family: Syriphidae
Merodon equestris – Family: Syriphidae

Myathropa florea

Myathropa florea – Family: Syrphidae

Platycheirus albimanus

Platycheirus albimanus – Family: Syrphidae

Sphaerophoria spp

Sphaerophoria spp – Family: Syrphidae

Sphaerophoria scripta

Sphaerophoria scripta – Family: Syrphidae

Syritta pipiens

Syritta pipiens – Family: Syrphidae

Syrphus spp

Syrphus spp – Family: Syrphidae
Volucella pellucens – Great Pied Hoverfly – Family: Syrphidae

Volucella zonaria

Volucella zonaria – Family: Syrphidae

X. pedissequum

Xanthogramma pedissequum – Family: Syrphidae
Euleia heraclei – Family: Tephritidae

N. appendiculata

Nephrotoma appendiculata – Spotted Crane Fly – Family: Tipulidae
Tipula oleracea – Family: Tipulidae

Tipula paludosa

Tipula paludosa – Daddy Long Legs – Family: Tipulidae

Tipula rufina

Tipula rufina – Family: Tipulidae

Herina spp

Herina spp – A Picture-wing Fly – Family: Ulidiidae