Great Pied Hoverfly – Volucella pellucens

An unmistakeable species of Hoverfly, the Great Pied Hoverfly is the only species that looks just like this. Even the other four species of Volucella recorded in Great Britain differ enough for a quick identification to be confirmed.

Here seen feeding at a bramble flower in full sunshine on a breezy day, 26th June 2022. Note the thick white band and unusual wing markings.

We struggle to get any video recorded of this species, it seems to have particularly good eye sight and flies off before we can capture anything. The best we have managed so far is shown below, about 1 seconds worth…

You are unlikely to ever see the larvae of these guys as they survive in the nests of various social wasps, scavenging for meals where they can find them ( Ref 4: Click HERE)