Families: Alucitidae, Argyresthiidae, Blastobasicae, Choreutidae and Cossidae

Family: Alucitidae

The Twenty Plume moth is Great Britain’s only representative within the family Alucitidae. A common visitor and perhaps resident as the larval food plant, Honeysuckle is present in abundance within the garden.

Family: Argyresthiidae

All Great Britain’s representatives of this family belong in the genus Argyresthia. Although it seems a debate is still to be settled as to whether Argyresthiidae is indeed a family in it’s own right or whether the genus Argyresthia actually belongs in the family Yponomeutidae.

Family: Blastobasidae

According to ‘Field Guide to Micro Moths of Great Britain and Ireland’ (ref 10 Click HERE), it is believed all representatives of this family may have been introduced to the country.

Family: Choreutidae

Only one member of this family has been recorded so far in the garden and its one we see all the time when out and about. The nettle tap moth is very common and can be seen flying during the day.

Family: Cossidae

The Loepard moth is the only representative of this family that we have recorded in the garden, there are only 3 representatives of this family in Great Britain. Visually stunning and pretty common around this area.