Due to owning a moth trap, moths are perhaps the highest recorded type of insect within the garden. Although we are still adding new garden firsts to the list all the time.

Due to the large number of species recorded in the garden we have had to further break this down by families (in alphabetical order). This may mean finding a particular species difficult. We suggest you start by looking at some of the families containing the larger moths, such as Geometridae, Erebidae, Noctuidae, Notodontidae and for the hawk moths Sphingidae.


We are fairly content that we now have records of the majority of butterfly species likely to be found in the garden with the exception of the Orange Tip, so don’t expect the list to grow that much in the near future.

Interestingly in 2021 a White Letter Hairstreak butterfly was recorded in the nearby Nature Reserve, we would certainly welcome a visit, but wont hold our breath.