The Nosey Ninja’s

We never really thought about a favourite garden species before! However, it’s December, and that means a Christmas Break and some time to tidy up/organise all the thousands of photographs and videos taken throughout 2022. It was whilst doing this we came across a little video which we had totally forgot about (link below), featuring perhaps our all-time favourite garden species the Zebra Spiders, or as we call them Nosey Ninja’s.

We have touched on Anthropomorphism before, the tendency to apply human traits or behaviours to specific animals. It is generally frowned upon, unless you’re a primatologist, in which case it seems to be the stuff of books.

But sometimes it’s hard not to see a slice of ourselves in the other inhabitants of the Garden. In this case it’s hard to ignore the fact that Zebra Spiders, or more accurately Salticus scenicus, are just darn right nosey, or at the very least super inquisitive.

They seem fearless of humans and stroll, run, jump or descend upon you for no other reason than to look you up and down. Reminding us that in the Garden you are not just always being watched, but also judged by these nosey critters.

In the video below, for a short while we follow one such Ninja as he (check out the big head…boys have big heads!) investigates our placing pots and seed trays on the roof of the wildlife hotel. As if to say ‘Yer fella! What’s this all about then?’

The Nosey Ninjas

Biologically speaking these guys are not of course nosey, but simply looking for their next meal. They initially depend on eyesight alone. Then their speed allows for a fast approach, with that final jump allowing them to bring home the bacon.

A garden resident we hope will always be about to cheer us up!

DC: 16th December 2022

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