Lassioglossum calceatum OR albipes – New Garden Species

Always nice to record another bee species, although this time we can only get it down to one of two species. Lassioglossum calceatum and Lassioglossum albipes are very difficult to tell apart and a good view of the lower face is required, more specifically the labrum. The fabulous UK Bees, Wasps and Ants group on Facebook were able to confirm we had it down to these two possible species but confirmed from the video below we would not be able to identify to species level. Regardless, it is one more potential species to the garden species list and has been listed as Lassioglossum calceatum or albipes, recorded on 1st August 2022. Hopefully next time we can get a better look and get it down to species.

DC: 12/08/2022

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