Hazel Aphid / Leek Moth / Minettia fasciata

As one aim of Wildlifegarden.org is to demonstrate the amazing diversity of life that can still be found in our gardens and open spaces, in particular around the Brislington area of Bristol, we will be focusing on the more obscure species just as much as the common things we sometimes take for granted.

To this end, we have added two species accounts to the Articles page which may be of interest to those vegetable gardeners out there who like their alliums as well as anyone living near a hazel tree. Article 12 covers the Leek Moth, whilst article 13 takes a quick look at the bizarre annual life cycle of the tiny Hazel Aphid.

In addition, we have added one more species to the garden list, a little fly which the Facebook UK Diptera group helped us identify. It’s fair to say we didn’t have a clue. So welcome to the garden our little representative of the Minettia fasciata species group. We are still learning what a ‘species group’ means in terms of Diptera (true flies). It likely refers to a group of species so similar that to identify them requires DNA techniques (a little beyond our skill set!) or that need microscopic examination, probably requiring us to euthanize the specimen. Not something we object to but not something we are looking to do ourselves.

So if you’re interested in these species, go have a look at the Articles and Gallery pages of our website…


DC 05/12/2021

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