Woodlouse Spider – Dysdera crocata

Perhaps one of the more scary looking animals regularly recorded in gardens and perhaps one of the few that can give you a little nip if you’re not careful.

We hadn’t seen one since 2019 (which was hidden in our daughters coat sleeve), until the 12th February 2022 when moving an old roof tile from a small stack we noticed this little lady huddling around what we can only assume is her eggs.

Being the middle of February it wasn’t very warm, but it was surprisingly mild and she just about moved enough to let us know she was there, as can be seen in this small clip below. However she made no attempt to run away and we replaced (carefully) the tiles to give her back her winter shelter.

These guys really do feed, almost exclusively, on woodlice. Although we have never witnessed this. They certainly hide under the same sort of things, like the lady above. Our good friend who works on the bins comes across them more often than he would like.

DC 12/02/2022