Clade: Asterids

The largest group of flowering plants, covering about a third of all such species. Three of the five main species we consider problematic, the Dandelion, Bindweed and Cleavers (the fourth anf fifth being Herb Robert and Creeping Buttercup). Not that we mind them but they would take over the whole garden if we left them to it. We are beginning to think Green Alkanet may have to be added to this list but its a species that is so loved by bees and hoverflies that we tend to only remove it when it totally swamps an area.

Clade: Eudicots

Creeping Buttercup is the main problem plant of this group, mainly due to the difficulty in controlling it. Docks can be an issue if you take your eye off them for a few weeks.

Clade: Rosids

Herb Robert is a fast growing and for us a rather invasive species, but easily pulled and we can keep the levels as we like them. Bittercress is becoming more of a problem but is easily pulled.