Rhopalus subrufus


Rhopalus subrufus belongs to the family Rhopalidae which are generally known as Scentless Plant Bugs. This generic name reflects the fact that, unlike the closely related family Coreidae, members of the family Rhopalidae lack well developed scent glands.

Rhopalus subrufus


Usually appearing redder that the example here (see video below). That stripy abdomen is characteristic of the species, they can also be rather hairy.

It’s place in the Garden (Visitor/Lured)

These guys spend the winter in the adult form, with the next generation of adults emerging each year around August time. These true bugs have a diverse food source but apparently St John’s Wort is a favourite, which is not present in the garden.

How to encourage the species to your garden

There appears to be very little information available online about this species and its habits.