Pogonognathellus flavescens

We admit to going out on a limb with identification of this species.

The antennae are shorter than the body and they do taper slightly (but perhaps not enough). The third segment is considerably longer that the others. This suggests it could well be P.flavescens.

For now its marked as most likely species in the overall garden species list.

We got the above image from a short section of video we took, but as you can see the little fella didn’t really do much…

Interestingly we did later video the following behaviour, and we are not entirely certain what we are witnessing here…

…the obvious assumption is egg laying, but as you can see at the very end it doesn’t really leave anything behind, almost as if instead it had been stuck/trapped. Either way if you noted at the beginning of the clip the white fork like structure on its underside, that is the spring in the springtail. It is this fork, that if released propels the creature a significant distance if threatened.