The Beetles and Earwigs

Order: Coleoptera – The Beetles

The most common form of animal life on earth. About a quarter of all animal species is a beetle of some sort and I expect we will be recording new species on a regular basis.

The front pair of wings are hardened into Elytra, which form a hard cover for the abdomen and hind pair of wings.

The most conspicuous of the Beetles are the typical forms of Ladybird we come across regularly.

Order: Dermaptera – The Earwigs

Conversely there are relatively few species of Earwig about. Only 7 in the UK and only one recorded on the garden. We have been on the lookout for the lesser earwig, which apparently is associated with compost heaps. But no luck so far.

Most people are rather surprised to note earwigs can fly, they just don’t tend to very often.