Nut-tree Tussock – Colocasia coryli

A two brooded moth, this first generation of adults would lay eggs that would normally hatch May – July. However the specimen below was to have no such luck with her brood in the garden.

10th April 2022

The above image was taken on a hazel branch. Just below this was a collection of eggs which we hadn’t noticed before. A quick check online suggests these eggs may well belong to the Nut-tree Tussock. This would of course make sense, with this species latin name referring to that of the Hazel Tree (Corylus avellana), although the larvae can feed on a number of broadleaved tree species.

10th April 2022

Unfortunately these eggs were quickly discovered by our old friend the Red Velvet Mite which immediately set about devouring the contents.

11th April 2022

By the 16th April we couldn’t find one egg remaining that appeared to have avoided this fate. Click HERE to view a video of the Velvet mite at work.

DC 16/04/2022