Meet the Noctuidae

A large family of generally large moths, well represented by species in the garden. This includes the Large Yellow Underwing which is perhaps our most common macro moth.

This family also includes Angle Shades, which was the first moth we ever recorded in the garden and which encouraged us to purchase a moth trap.

Abrostola tripartita

The Spectacle

Acronicta aceris

Sycamore Moth

Acronicta leporina

Miller Moth

Acronicta megacephala

Poplar Grey

Acronicta psi / A.tridens

Grey Dagger/Dark Dagger

Acronicta rumicis

Knot Grass Moth

Agrotis clavis

Heart and Club

Agrotis exclamationis

Heart and Dart

Agrotis puta puta

Shuttle Shaped Dart

Agrotis segetum

Turnip Moth

Amphipyra pyramidea

Copper Underwing

Anaplectoides prasina

Green Arches

Apamea epomidion

Clouded Brindle

Apamea lithoxylaea

Light Arches

Apamea monoglypha

Dark Arches

Apamea scolopacina

Slender Brindle

Apamea sordens

Rustic Shoulder-knot

Autographa gamma

Silver Y

Autographa jota

Plain Golden Y

Axylia putris

The Flame

Caradrina clavipalpis

Pale Mottled Willow

Charanyca trigrammica

Treble Lines

Colocasia coryli

Nut-tree Tussock

Cosmia trapezina


Cryphia domestica

Marbled Beauty

Cryphia muralis

Marbled Green

Diachrysia chrysitis

Burnished Brass

Diarsia mendica

Ingrailed Clay

Hadena bicruris

Lychnis Moth

Hecatera dysodea

Small Ranunculus

Hoplodrina ambigua

Vine’s Rustic

Hoplodrina blanda

The Rustic

Hoplodrina octogenaria

The Uncertain

Hypena proboscidalis

The Snout

Lacanobia oleracea

Bright-line Brown-eye

Lithophane leautieri

Blair’s Shoulder-knot

Mamestra brassicae

Cabbage Moth

Melanchra persicariae

Dot Moth

Mesapamea secalis

Common Rustic

Mesoligia furuncula

Cloaked Minor

Mythimna ferrago


Mythimna impura

Smoky Wainscot

Noctua comes

Lesser Yellow Underwing

Noctua fimbriata

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

Noctua janthe

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

Noctua pronuba

Large Yellow Underwing

Ochropleura placta

Flame Shoulder

Oligia fasciuncula

Middle-barred Minor

Oligia latruncula

Tawny Marbled Minor

Oligia strigilis

Marbled Minor

Oligia versicolor

Rufous Minor

Orthosia cerasi

Common Quaker

Orthosia cruda

Small Quaker

Orthosia gothica

Hebrew Character

Orthosia incerta

Clouded Drab

Perigrapha munda

Twin-spotted Quaker

Phlogophora meticulosa

Angle Shades

Thalpophila matura

Straw Underwing

Tholera cespitis

Hedge Rustic

Xestia c-nigrum

Setaceous Hebrew Character

Xestia xanthographa

Square-spot Rustic

Xylocampa areola

Early Grey