Meet the Hymenoptera

Wasps, Bees, Sawflies & Ants

An intimidating Order of insects to approach are the Hymenoptera. Not because of any sting, but because of the sheer diversity of species out there. There are around 9000 species of wasp in Great Britain alone, although thankfully there are many fewer bee, ant or sawfly species. But the idea of a full future garden list seems at this stage well beyond our grasp and ability. However we strongly expect our list of Hymenoptera to continue to grow as we get better at recognising some of the more common and easy to identify species.


Andrena cineraria

Andrena cineraria – Ashy Mining Bee – Family: Andrenidae

Andrena wilkella

Andrena wilkella – Wilke’s Mining Bee – Family: Andrenidae
Apis mellifera – Western Honey Bee – Family: Apidae

Bombus hypnorum

Bombus hypnorum – Tree Bumblebee – Family: Apidae

Bombus lapidarius

Bombus lapidarius – Red-tailed Bumblebee – Family: Apidae

Bombus pascuorum

Bombus pascuorum – Common Carder Bumblebee – Family: Apidae

Bombus pratorum

Bombus pratorum – Early Bumblebee – Family: Apidae

Bombus terrestris

Bombus terrestris – Buff-tailed Bumblebee – Family: Apidae

L.calceatum or L.albipes

Lassioglossum calceatum or L.albipes – Family: Halictidae

Coelioxys conoidea

Coelioxys conoidea – Large Sharp-tailed Bee – Family: Megachiliidae

Megachile willughbiella

Megachile willughbiella – Willughby’s Leaf-cutter Bee – Family: Megachiliidae

Osmia bicornis

Osmia bicornis – Red Mason Bee – Family: Megachiliidae


Arge berberidis

Arge berberidis – Family: Argidae

Arge cyanocrocea

Arge cyanocrocea – Bramble Sawfly – Family: Argidae

Arge paganan

Arge paganan – Large Rose Sawfly – Family: Argidae


Crossocerus sp – Family: Crabronidae

Gorytes laticinctus

Gorytes laticinctus – Family: Crabronidae
Gasteruption jaculator – Family: Gasteruptiidae
Achaius oratorius – Family: Ichneumonidae

Amblyteles armatorius

Amblyteles armatorius – Family: Ichneumonidae

Ichneumon stramento

Ichneumon stramento – Family: Ichneumonidae

Ichneumon pimpla

Ichneumon pimpla – Red Legged Ichneumon – Family: Ichneumonidae

Rhyssa persuasoria

Rhyssa persuasoria – Sabre Wasp – Family: Ichneumonidae

Unknown spp

Unknown spp – Family: Ichneumonidae

Unknown spp

Unknown spp – Family: Ichneumonidae

A Pteromalidae Wasp

A Pteromalidae Wasp (unknown species) – Family: Pteromalidae

Vespula vulgaris

Vespula vulgaris – Common Wasp – Family Vespidae


Lasius flavus – Yellow Meadow Ant (above) – Family: Formicidae

Lasius fulignosus

Lasius fulignosus – Jet Black Ant (below) – Family: Formicidae

Lasius niger

Lasius niger – Black Garden Ant – Family: Formicidae