Meet the Alucitidae

The Twenty Plume Moth – Alucita hexadactyla, is the only representative of the Family Alucitidae found in Great Britain.

Although called the Twenty Plume moth, each wing consists of 6 Plumes each, making a total of 24 which can often be seen, as in the case opposite, when they rest with their wings expanded.

What’s it doing in the Garden: The larva feed on Honeysuckle flower buds and mine the leaves (1), so is likely helping to slow/control the spread of this species. As the Garden has large amounts of Honeysuckle we shouldn’t be surprised to find that this is a resident species, it is certainly frequently seen.

(1) Sterling, P & Parsons, M (2012): Bloomsbury Wildlife Guides: Field Guide to the Micro moths of Great Britain and Ireland. Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd