Green Lacewing spp

Unidentified Lacewing Larvae, most likely Chrysoperla carnea (Common Green Lacewing) taken on the 24th June 2021. Like so much else in the garden, these larvae feed primarily on aphids.

One thing we were surprised to note was that contrary to common opinion that lacewing larvae have poorly developed senses (apart from touch). The fella below was clearly well aware of our presence and scuttled off to find a hiding place.

24th June 2021

Upon reaching what it obviously felt was it’s best place to blend in, it remained motionless until we got bored waiting for it to move. It seemed clear, to us at least, that this animal was aware of our presence. We will have to see if we can test this some more in 2022.

24th June 2021

We have not recorded many lacewing in the garden in 2021, and are not entirely sure why as they have been relatively abundant in previous years, often entering the house.