February/March 2023 – It rained

March 2023 it turned out was the wettest March in 40 years, and it certainly felt like it in the Garden. To be fair February didn’t seem much better and with our determination to improve the soil condition we had to refrain from stepping off the path as much as possible. Although a dog poop sweep was needed every now and then when the weather allowed.

However from the upstairs window we did finally add two new birds to our species list. The Pied Wagtail, which we see outside the front of the house all the time but never managed to spot any in the Garden, and some Long-tailed Tits. No luck getting a snap of the Long-tails, but we did manage to quickly video the Pied Wagtail which now seems to be returning on an almost daily basis.

1st February 2023

The primroses began to flower on the 19th February and the frogs were busy by the 22nd as seen below. By the end of March we had tadpoles a plenty in the bottom wetland area.

Mating Frogs & Spawn – 22nd February 2023

A view of the Garden on the 22nd February showing winter coming to an end, but still not an inspiring sight. We cannot wait for spring to arrive in full. The wildflower patches are looking good in places, with Oxeye Daisy leading the way, but also Ribwort Plantain, Sorrel, Black Knapweed, Field Scabious and a tiny bit of Salad Burnet.

On the flip side, some of the old trouble makers are back in good numbers. Bittercress is once again popping up everywhere and Green Alkanet is dominating some corners. Docks are doing well in the wet areas you’d expect to see them and Herb Robert is everywhere all at once. Cleavers and Bind Weed have begun there spreading attack already. We feel this year is the year we need to really tackle these species in particular as they can dominate all else.

By the end of March the bittercress, the dead nettle, the marsh marigold and the odd dandelion were all flowering.

DC: 02/04/2023