Time Lapse Function on Mobiles

Just had a little fun with the old time lapse function on my phone. Fortunate enough to have a tripod and a doofer to hold my phones camera over the eye piece of a viewing scope. Simply aimed it at the fence and got some rather good images (from a distance of about 18ft) of Starlings and a regular visiting wood pigeon we call Dustin, at our neighbours feeders.

In good weather next summer, without the threat of rain, this should make a useful addition to the kit needed to capture some better images of wildlife in action, especially those hard to sneak up on species (just don’t point it at the neighbours window!)

Reasonably cheap equipment if you discount the viewing scope (which I was fortunate to be gifted), although they are not as expensive as they once were. However you don’t necessarily need the scope, we tracked Curtis the Comma Butterflies progress and ultimate demise using just the tripod, phone holder and phone (see Article 4 on Article page).

DC 06/11/2021

Hawthorn Cuttings

Got bored today so thought, what the heck, lets get some hawthorn cuttings. So off I headed to the local nature reserve to get a few small cuttings. Back in the garden cuttings prepared (without rooting compound) in the normal way and here they are, some in pots and some in the ground. Basically wherever I could find a bit of space. I’ll keep you posted.

Box Tree Moth – New Garden Species

Well, new species for our garden, and not one currently in favour with many people. This is the Box Tree Moth. There really is a fair bit of information online for this species, but in short its only been on these shores for a decade or two and is proving to be a bit of a pest on various box species. I have a feeling this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this species in our garden and perhaps mistook it for a Clouded Border (see gallery). Anyway, welcome to the garden….I think!!

23rd September update – Just to note really that today we have seen two more of these guys, plus a couple more a couple of days ago. Clearly they are establishing well in the area.

Flower Crab Spider

Wow! A new record for the garden. Actually recorded a couple of days ago. The Flower Crab Spider, in her full yellow suit, was lurking ominously in the apple tree, waiting for a tasty bee to buzz by. Those long front legs ready grasp its victim in order to inject a venom and then digest the poor creature in its own skin and suck it dry. Ambush is the name of the game here, these guys don’t spin webs to catch food. They simply wait! Welcome to the garden.

Welcome to the Wildlife Gardening Blog

Over the coming months and years, our hope is that via this blog and our website wildlifegarden.org, we will share our journey as we attempt to attract, record and help as much wildlife as possible from our small garden in Bristol.

We will use the blog to draw attention to things we see and actions we take along this journey. Further details of our observations and works will often be given as dedicated articles and projects on our website. Species recorded will be added to the overall species list and any species we manage to photograph will of course be added to our gallery to help in future identifications.

We will make mistakes on the way, we kind of hope we do as it will be fun to learn from them. We may mistakenly record species incorrectly (lots of things out there look very similar) but we will endeavour to be as accurate as possible and where we know we don’t know we will say.

Why? Well, why not really! Pop over to the articles section of our website and read our first article ‘beginnings’. This will set the tone for the future of this website and blog.