Zygiella x-notata – New Garden Species

Well, it’s a new year and it didn’t take long to confirm our latest new garden species, and we are so glad to see another species of spider. Zygiella x-notata is a very common species and we have likely just overlooked it to date. Viewed up close it really is a fantastic looking animal, whichContinue reading “Zygiella x-notata – New Garden Species”

Introducing the Hoverflies!

Article 14 of our project to record and attract wildlife to a garden in Brislington focuses on one of the most colourful, advantageous (if you’re a gardener) and numerous insects that, whilst perhaps not as appreciated as the average butterfly or bumblebee, are just as interesting and important. In this article we also cover whatContinue reading “Introducing the Hoverflies!”

Hazel Aphid / Leek Moth / Minettia fasciata

As one aim of Wildlifegarden.org is to demonstrate the amazing diversity of life that can still be found in our gardens and open spaces, in particular around the Brislington area of Bristol, we will be focusing on the more obscure species just as much as the common things we sometimes take for granted. To thisContinue reading “Hazel Aphid / Leek Moth / Minettia fasciata”

Willughby’s Leafcutter Bee – New Garden Species (MLS)

Two in two days, and coincidentally this new species belongs in the same family as yesterdays Sharp-Tail Bee. It really does pay to go back over the hundreds of photographs digital photography allows you to take. This one totally bypassed us until now. Photographed on the 26th June 2021, another listed as Most Likely SpeciesContinue reading “Willughby’s Leafcutter Bee – New Garden Species (MLS)”

Sharp-tailed Bee – New Garden Species (MLS)

Just going through some of this summers photographs and one bee I had thought was another Ashy Mining Bee I noticed had a strange bottom (or more accurately spines on tergites 5 and 6), this meant this was in fact a Sharp-tailed bee species. We think it’s possibly a Large Sharp-tailed Bee (Coelioxys conoidea) butContinue reading “Sharp-tailed Bee – New Garden Species (MLS)”

Chlorociboria aeruginascens or Green Elf Cup – New Garden Species. But should it be?

For the first time we have to consider what to do when we actively introduce a native species to the garden unintentionally. In this case I was recently visiting a private woodland (with the owners permission) and I came back with a small branch I felt would look nice alongside the wetland/pond area we created.Continue reading “Chlorociboria aeruginascens or Green Elf Cup – New Garden Species. But should it be?”