Classes: Chilopoda (Centipedes), The Entognatha (including the subclass Collembola or Springtails and the order Diplura or Bristletails), The Hexanauplia, The Ostracoda

Class: Chilopoda

There are around 60 species of centipedes recorded in Great Britain. Vegetable gardeners or those who like to cultivate / move things around a bit are likely to come across them more than the idle nature watcher. We tend to see them when looking down the microscope at soil/leaf samples.

Class: Entognatha

The springtails are extremely numerous in the soils of most gardens and a fascinating group of animals most people know little about. The same can be said for the springtails.

Classes: Hexanauplia & Ostracoda

However it is the micro fauna of the standing water habitats that most people never get to see. With the copepoda and ostracoda species we are just scratching the surface.