Pond and pond life

Frogs and toads are very similar and also very different. They are both reptiles and have similar diets.

Exactly what is the difference between frogs and toads and how do you tell them apart?

Body shape and skin

A frog relaxing in the water
A frog relaxing in the water

Frogs usually have a sleek body with a smooth skin. Their back legs are quite long and this helps them to be very good at both swimming and jumping. Usually a frog will look shiny and wet. If you catch a frog you will find that it is quite difficult to hold because the skin is very smooth and slippery. Toads, on the other hand, have a fatter appearance and the skin looks bumpy and leathery. Their back legs are shorter and fatter and they often walk instead of jumping. When they do jump, they only jump a ...continue reading


Why would you need a pond in your garden if you already have birds and insects all around? It really won’t make a big difference, will it?

These turtles have climbed onto a rock to warm themselves in the sun
These turtles have climbed onto a rock to warm themselves in the sun

You might be surprised just how many different creatures will be attracted to your garden when you add a healthy wildlife pond. It is a completely new habitat all on its own and adds interest to the garden by supporting different types of plants and creatures.

Let’s explore this a bit and see why your wildlife garden needs a pond. ...continue reading