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Hello, my name is Lesley.

Nature has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up on a farm and when I later moved to the city for work then I would go hiking out in the country to spend time in nature. Now I live with my family on a rural property in South Africa.

The property we live on is home to some wildlife and we have a good variety of birds around. There probably are a lot more creatures around that we don’t see. We enjoy nature and want to encourage wildlife to the garden. This way we can get to see more of the creatures and watch them go about their daily lives.

There are many people, including children, who want to have more wild creatures visiting their yard, but they don’t know where to start. They need information and a little bit of guidance. On this site you will find basic information for getting started with a wildlife garden. The information is delivered in small chunks and you can pick and choose the information that you need at the time.

If you just want to attract birds to your garden, or if you want to have a complete back yard ecosystem, there is information to help you. You don’t even need to be an adult to start attracting more wildlife to your yard. Just remember to get permission for anything you are planning on doing in the yard, you don’t want to get into any trouble along the way. We hope that you will find the information interesting and useful and that you will soon be able to share with us the success you have had in your own garden.

It is becoming more important for us gardeners to start thinking about the wildlife in our areas and to give these creatures a safe place to stay, feed and breed. So many of their natural areas have been destroyed and there are fewer places that they can call home. My hope with this site is to help more people create homes for wild creatures and help to make our world a better place for them.

I have always enjoyed nature and so do my children. We love spending time outside watching the birds and other creatures going about their business. It is a wonderful way to enjoy nature and to learn about it. We have even had the pleasure of watching young grasshoppers hatch out of their eggs buried in a hole in the ground. Many children around the world will learn to enjoy and love nature if they are given the opportunity to experience nature at home.

Join us as we work to make this world a better place for the creatures that share it with us. It will also be great if you let us know what you have tried, what has worked in your area and what problems you are facing.

See you in the garden


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Lesley,
    Your website is beautiful and I will visit it again. Do you have any information on Hummingbirds? Do you get hummingbirds in South Africa? Great visiting your site!

    1. Post author

      Hi Trish, thanks for visiting.
      I am busy collecting information on hummingbirds and will be doing some articles about those lovely little birds. I believe we do get hummingbirds in South Africa, but not in all areas.

  2. We have a large property in Underberg, KZN, bordering farmlands and have a host of birds that visit. My husband feeds them and always makes sure they have water. We garden without artificial fertilizers and sprays to encourage wildlife.

    Thanks for some lovely info here!

    1. Post author

      Hi Lydia, thanks for visiting my site.
      Underberg is a really beautiful area. It really is a pity that so many people find the artificial fertilizers and sprays so much easier to use. I hope I will be able to help people with information on the natural ways to garden that will not harm wildlife.

  3. We live in Cape Town and have chamaeleons,molesnakes and moles(not so appreciated in my vegetable garden), we have lesser doublecollared sunbirds, Cape White eye, Bulbuls, Tarentaal and Hadedas, laughing doves,fieldmice, a visiting falcon,and can sometimes hear the Fisheagle visiting from nearby Rondevlei which has re-stocked Hippos.We see Dikkop and Egyptian geese,and I am sure that there is much more, nightjars etc, too numerous to mention here and perhaps not identified by me as I am not a bird or wildlife fundi.
    The best way to attract wildlife is to plant indigenous plants, which are also easier to maintain and don’t need as much water.
    Wildlife, even small mammals and insects, reptiles etc. canbe a sourece of much pleasure and makes life so interesting.
    Just sitting in the garden reading a book and having binoculars nearby can be an outing and rejuvenation of the soul!

    1. Post author

      Cape Town sounds like a really great place with such a variety of wildlife. We will definitely be making a list of all the creatures we spot in our garden and publish it on the site. I don’t think we notice how many creatures are regular visitors to our gardens until we actually start taking notes. Apart from a large variety of birds we also have a mongoose and a duiker that come past regularly.
      Keep those binoculars handy and enjoy the sightings!


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